by Modern Table Top Gaming
RankName Round 2 Points (Ends Apr 22)Season 3 Total Points
1Billy Miller1945
2Bartosz M1944
3Ryan Anderson1834
4Raymond Lucena1834
5Chris Askew1742
6Steve Miller1740
7Jam Giorgi-Lopez1737
8Aurora Murrills1432
9Robyn Paxton1121
10Alec Sartain1032
11Jessica Jovel1032
12Tyler Pry1017
13Ashley McIntosh88
14Michael Franklin627
15Kieth Hayes617
16Constance Franklin522
17Austin Chandler25
18Gaby Jovel19
19Eric Fels15
20Vanessa Netto15
21Avraham Chandler15
22Josh Netto10
23Jason Williams10
24Joseph Fels6
25Erin Wells5
26Deshawn Howard3
27Kaye Trent2
28Matthew Crabb2

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